Name: M(i)(e)chelle

Age: twenty-fi

Location- Northern Chicago, but not a Cubs fan.

Relationship Status: Taken- sorry boys. Contact me only if your first name is Alexander and the last name is Skarsgard.

What is my quest?: To seek the holy grail

So, yeah. That tells you nothing. So, here’s a short wrap-up.

I grew up in the literal middle of nowhere (if nowhere is half way between Central Illinois, Indiana, Chicago, and Iowa) where I was raised by a mom, 2 insane aunts, a dad, several dogs, and two grandmas. It was all what you would expect from a modern day child of divorce. Living in the rural areas means that I can drive a car in absolute darkness down a gravel path surrounded by Indian burial grounds, fish for trash in muddy pounds, and kill an insect or snake without much thought. I also dont get freaked out by deer heads used as decorations.

But really, none of those skills have come in handy as I’ve grown up. Now I live by a large, muddy waterfront called Lake Michigan where I have gone from driving in the dark to driving through the hell that is Lake Shore Drive during rush hour or Cubs game. And insects have transformed in to pigeons and homeless people- but I dont kill either of them. I’m humane like that.

In my spare time, I volunteer for a wonderful dog rescue as an adoption counselor and foster. Through them, my fiance and I met the absolute love of our lives, Miss. Vanna White. She’s a long haired chihuahua that’s missing 12 teeth but still manages to sport the most adorable overbite ever when she smiles. I like to think that she turns letters in her sleep.

I’m also a trained, now retired, musician and occasional artist. I may, from time to time, feature some of my music or artwork on this site.

If you would like to use any of my material or would like me for freelance writing, collaboration, or just general chit-chat… please message me or leave me a comment.


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