Starting Over…


Whenever I see those two words put together, I instantly start singing some John Lennon:

I really wish I could write an awesome post about how I spent my holidays healthy and fit, getting in 3 miles every day on the treadmill (or even better, outdoors) and lifting weights like a mad man. I wish I had pictures of how buff I am now or how great my butt looks in two size smaller jeans.

But, I bring you nothing but a scale reading.

And it ain’t pretty.

It’s 6lbs uglier.

Even for photoshop, that's a pretty ugly scale.

So, what does a girl do when she’s gained 6lbs in less than a month?

Eat chocolate?


Cry into her pillow?

Uh... creepiest pillow ever.

Get pissed off?

Yep. That’s it. I’m going to get pissed off. And then I am going to go to the gym and freakin’ work the crap out of the free weights. Maybe I’ll even torture the elliptical with my added 6lb weight. Either way, I am going to move in to the kitchen and actually watch what I put on my plate. Take that plate. I bet you dont like being a victim in a Sting song.

Oh, and I joined Weight Watchers. I swore I would never do it, but then I started seeing and hearing more and more success stories that were close to home. I do like the points program so far. It’s fairly simple and it does make sense (though I still dont agree with how they give diet soda no points but juice 1 or 2).

In other news on the home front, Ms. Greer has left us. She was adopted last week and was picked up on Sunday morning. I cried and spent the day feeling empty over her loss. She was such a great dog. She was truly the “Right dog, the wrong me.” And while I almost lost it this morning when there was no dog licking my ankles at 6am to get her food ready, I am so grateful that she was picked up by New Leash and was given a great fur-ever home.

We thought we would have some time between fostering again, but there seems to be a need for a foster transfer. So we are meeting a new potential pup tomorrow. I hope she’s as good as Greer (and equally potty trained).

I really have more posts planned with wedding details and my crafty-Christmas. But for now, this covers it. Have a happy (and healthy) re-start!


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  1. Holiday weight gain was exactly the motivation I needed to finally start watching what I eat again. Sucks that it has to come in the form of extremely tight fitting pants, but I guess motivation is motivation. Good luck! 🙂

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