How to Conquer Disney pt 3: Epcot


Wow. Totally forgot to write my EPCOT recap. For some reason, I thought I had done it. So when I came here to blog about something totally different (Christmas recap), I realized that I had forgotten. Crap.

But, really, it’s appropriate. I did the least amount of planning and research for EPCOT. I had never been, and I had honestly no idea what to expect in terms of lines. I did know two things, though: 1.) The busiest and best ride is Soaring. 2.) I had to try out Mission: Space.

I read up on the rest of the rides, looked at the map, and tried to chart a course. But it was our last day and after a full day at Magic Kingdom, my feet wanted to rest. Here’s where I learn a lesson: Do Hollywood Studios last.

We walked the least amount at Hollywood Studios, so we could have been more leisurely. With Epcot and Magic Kingdom, we walked the equivalent of miles and we wasted so much energy in those rides. So, for EPCOT, we agreed to take it slow.

Wanting to sleep in a bit and knowing that we had a 4am wake up the next day, we vowed to take a later bus to the park, even though it was magic hours in the morning. Even though we tried to be there after the drop, the park opened later and we were there with the early rush to get in. As soon as the gate opened, people leaped towards Soaring. Like, literally sprinted towards it.

We went the opposite way. B insisted that we start our morning with his Disney favorite, Spaceship Earth. The website warns NOT to start there, but we did anyways. And we were probably one of the first people on it. I love it, btw. It was a trip highlight. After that, we made our way to Soaring to pick up a fastpass. By the time we got it around 8:15am, the fastpasses were already scheduled for 11am! Insanity!

We went the other direction towards Mission: Space next. This ride was like a hidden gem. Besides a ride malfunction, it had NO lines at around 8:30am. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this ride! It was my favorite of the day. Basically, you are given a job as an astronaut headed to Mars (I was the pilot). The ride simulates what it would feel to be on the spacecraft with motion sickness inducing G-Force. If you get car sick… do not go on this ride. And heed the warnings they give you. I glanced to my side at one point and felt sick to my stomach. It’s that intense! (But there is an option for an easier, non- G-Force version).

After Mission: Space, we got in our longest actual line for Test Track. The 15 minutes was worth it. The ride had an estimated wait of 40 minutes, but we obviously got through their faster, even without a fast pass. A lot of people use this ride to wait out the Soaring fastpasses. We also tried out the Finding Nemo ride. It’s cuteness was helped by an adorable girl dressed up as the fish in the next clam over…

At 11am, the Cool Station opens. This place is a fantastic time waster if you drink Coke products or are an adventurous foodie. Basically, you get mini cups and you try self-serve coke samples from around the world. Everyone quickly discovers that the Beverly version of Italy is the WORST (super bitter). I love the Isreali version best. The place does get crowded and sticky fast, so go early before it gets too hot outside.

After a long wait, we FINALLY got on Soaring (get the fastpass because the wait at noon was over 2 1/2 hours)! To be honest, it was totally worth it. The ride was fantastic. I dont want to spoil it, so I am going to leave it at that. You can research it if you are curious.Let me just say that it is cooler than any description I can write.

After Soaring and a failed attempt to sit through Captain EO (fail on the part of Disney for bringing back this shit storm), we made our way to the World Showcases. I really dont have much to report. Each place was unique and interesting. We didn’t spend much time at any particular one. I did do the Pick and Pearl in Japan an we watched the Canadian Santa tell his story (each area has their own holiday spot to hear Christmas stories from around the world).

B drank around the world while I basically ate. LOL. I was beyond excited for crepes and pretzels. We had dinner at the Italy plaza at Tutto Italia, which was delicious. We got tickets to the Lessons and Carols event at the American plaza by eating at EPCOT. You have to book in advance with Disney reservations, but it was pretty much worth it.

The show was incredible! I’m not religious, but both B and I could have been convinced to return to the fold after seeing that show. They had 2 high school choirs, one honor choir, and one mini-all star group in addition to an orchestra. Our celebrity narrator was Trace Adkins. I hate country music, but I’ll give credit to the man. His reading of the Christmas story was sublime.

We were pretty much Disney-ed out after that. We returned to our hotel to eat some snacks, watch Up! by the pool, and call in for an early bedtime. Our plan left around 5am the next morning, and we were home soon after. The trip was wonderful. Disney was a great spot for us as adults. And I recommend it for anyone else willing to put in the time to research the parks in depth before going.


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