Day 2 of the Weekly Challenge


Let’s just get to the good right off the bat:

Look who hit the minimum calorie intake on the freakin’ money! To be honest, it was probably more. When I eat restaurant food, I always use spark’s tools to search for the dish (in this case, left over beef stroganof), but then pick the highest calories and sodium option of the bunch because I’d rather be realistic about what I ate.

And on top of eating right, I got in a good 5K. My time was 36:30. Not bad. One day I’ll hit the elusive 35 minute! My only complaint was that my shins are still killing me. I’m thinking that once this race is over on Saturday, I am going to limit my running to 3 days a week of 5Ks only. Or, I might make the 10K my weekend long run while we are in the winter. I just need to ease off of my legs and give my shins a good rest.

The rest of the week during the off season will be focused primarily in strength training. I’m going to do my best to attend as many yoga classes as possible and try out some weight training classes as well.

Anyways, so eating and cardio were a positive check. The only thing that was a fail was…

Getting in my 8 cups of water!

Normally, I’m great at this. But on mornings when I have a smoothie, it’s really hard for me to get my typical three glasses in right away and thus my commitment to making it up later in the afternoon falls by the wayside. Of course, I felt pretty bloated this morning which most likely showed when I got on the scale. Meh. Today’s a new day and I’m half way to 8 already.

As for my other goals: I got laundry done, wrote/re-wrote 2 pages of my paper, and made some chicken tacos for dinner. Score.

Tonight’s goals are:

  • Write another page or two of my paper
  • Pasta with earth balance for dinner with a small portion of chicken
  • Drink 8 glasses of water

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