Day 1 of the Weekly Challenge


Ok. Well, let’s review. My challenge goals for this week are to:

Goal 1: Track- Track all the food I eat, even if I go over the calorie amount. Food must be tracked by 2pm the following day and I MUST review the nutrition feedback reports.

Goal 2: Strength train with weights, three different days, for at least 20 minutes.

Goal 3: No breakfast sweets at ALL. This includes those delicious cheddar scones at the bakery.

How Monday went:

This weekend was horrible. I ate too much. Drank too much (that’s a rarity). And spent way too much time doing absolutely nothing or driving. Weekend trips back to the family are rough on my fitness and especially on my nutrition. So many brownies…

Anyways, I was back at it for Monday. And with that in mind, I got a bagel instead of a doughnut or scone. I would have made a smoothie, but the person in charge of dishes at my apartment is out of commission. A better choice would have been cheerios, but those can be quite tasteless.

I'm just not this cute when I eat them.

I had a scare Friday. I noticed that my relatively new (and expensive) running shoes had a hole and a large tear in them around the big toe. I did get a run in on Friday regardless, but the hole expanded and pulled till it was almost a rip. Luckily, Fleet Feet in Chicago has the BEST customer service and allowed me to come in last night to exchange them just in time for my race on Saturday. I even got the upgrade! Here they are:

Asics GT 2170

On my way home from Fleet, I picked up some apple strudel for myself from this AMAZING German butcher shop and grocery store. I was feeling tired, so I used the strudel to motivate me to do my strength training. And seriously, it helped. I know I’m not supposed to motivate with food, but there was no way that I was going to not workout and indulge in strudel of this caliber!

Here’s what I did in the gym (sparkpeople program generated):

strength training 1

Felt great, but I can tell that my legs are not holding up so well after all my running and training. I’m starting to get shin splints while doing squats… not a good sign. But what is good is that I can now do those captain chair exercises without collapsing on the floor or falling off of it. So you win some, you lose some.

I also did a half mile run on the treadmill with the new shoes. I couldn’t resist!

Ok, to wrap it up, here’s a screen shot of my nutrition from yesterday:

Way over on calories and carbs. Ok on fat and protein.

Goals for today (Tuesday): All of the goals listed for the Challenge and then:

  • Write at least 2 more pages of my paper (due next Wednesday)
  • 5K-4 mile training run and ice leg
  • Laundry
  • Chicken tacos for dinner!

See you tomorrow for weigh-in day!


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