Sweatin’ to the…


Every week, I take to my Sparkpage blog to recap the week (I’m on week 55 of fitness, btw). At the end, I write out a tentative workout schedule and, usually, some other health related goals. For months, this really worked for me. I stayed accountable. I worked my ass off. I ACTUALLY LOST WEIGHT… WOAH.

And then it stopped. Well, it didn’t stop. I stopped. Even though I haven’t missed a week of recapping and planning, I stopped actually listening to what I wanted to do. And I knew what I was doing the entire time. I know that what I’m missing is personal accountability and, frankly, motivation.

Ooo girl... You gotta get on that! Those pants are TIGHT (and not nearly as shiny as they could be).


I cant promise that I’ll workout every day. That’s a horrible, horrible lie. And not one I should even be honest about considering that your body needs rest from strenuous workouts. Plus, if I tried that, I’d be burnt out faster than I started. But I CAN continue to plan… and make a plan B.

Here’s the remainder of my week’s workouts with some potential change ups:

Tuesday (today): Nada… Blackhawks game after work
Wednesday: Either early morning 5K or after class, late night 5K- either way, it has to get done
Thursday: Circuit strength training
Friday: After work 5K
Saturday: Spin class before going home
Sunday: 10K run in the hometown or 10K run when I get home
Potential calorie burn: 1600+

Which means, that this week, I can eat about 1580-1990 calories.

All in all, pretty doable.


Oh, I dont know. I’m lazy, I suppose.



I know what. He’d throw on some gold lamae and kick it up a freakin’ notch. Screw crushing reading assignments and 10 page papers for grad school. Forget about soul crushin’ jobs.  It’s time to dance this fat OUT…

And he'd pop out of some random bush just to scare you straight... sorta.

When I was sweatin’ to the oldies, aka… actually loosing weight consistently, I tracked every little bit of food going in me. I also swam. Gosh, do I miss swimming (but not the need to consistently shave and fend off all the pool leaches). Oh! And strength training. I forgot about that. And not just one day a week. This is a 3 day minimum commitment. And goal rewards! I forgot about you shiny things.

Let’s try this for a week, let’s say, err next week. If I can get through a week of my goals, I will give myself a prize.

Goal 1: Track- Track all the food I eat, even if I go over the calorie amount. Food must be tracked by 2pm the following day and I MUST review the nutrition feedback reports.

Goal 2: Strength train with weights, three different days, for at least 20 minutes.

Goal 3: No breakfast sweets at ALL. This includes those delicious cheddar scones at the bakery.

Reward: Hopefully I will have heard back about my Y membership status at this point and can start taking swimming lessons. Before I do though, I want to buy a new, athletic swimsuit. I’m too small for my last one. If I haven’t heard back yet, then I will buy myself a new pair of winter shoes.

Deal. Game on.

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