It’s time to get out the kleenex and turn on some music…


cause I’ve got a sad story to share…

It’s about this dog. She’s a two year old corgi/french bulldog mix. She looks so much like a little cow.

Her picture was posted on my friend’s facebook page with a link to the rescue site New Leash on Life located here in Chicago. This little lady had heartworms. It’s a pretty deadly infection that kills so many infected dogs. But it’s a pretty easy thing to prevent, which is why this story is so sad. Luckily, this dog was provided with medical care and her heartworms are pretty much snuffed out. NLoL needed to find her a post-doc foster home- some place where she could relax and be stress free while she recovers.

Of course, I jumped at it. I’ve been wanting a dog since, well, forever. Growing up, my sister and brother both had their own dogs and my aunts had one very special dog as well. So, why not me? I LOVE dogs (cats are another, totally different story), and I was finally in an apartment that allowed me to have one. This was my chance to not only get some K9 companionship, but also to help out a little lady in need.

Greer (which is Scottish for “watchful”… aka best dog name ever) was brought over on Friday. Instantly, I took to her swishing tail, her curiously long body, and her dog kisses. Oh, and did I mention she is such a well-behaved dog. I was expecting problems to correct, even aggression, but she has been a complete joy. Most of her days are spent following us around the apartment, laying next to the couch looking for a belly rub, or on her donated dog bed. Even in her crate, she doesn’t bark nor whine.

We, of course, are reinforcing basic commands like “sit,” “DOWN,” and the occasional “quiet.” And we are also keeping an eye on her to make sure she isn’t running around too much or destroying her toys (we’re already down three).

But I’ve loved our little walks together around the park and how her little ears perk up when she sees a squirrel… like this:

And as MAJOR Pixar fans, Brendan couldn’t help but notice she looked a little bit like this dog:

Skud, from Toy Story

(Note to self: purchase green alien squeaky toy)

Even if she is just temporary, having her at home is such a joy. I cannot wait to get off of work to some doggy kisses and take her on another walk. I may have even changed my work computer’s background to this:

If you are interested in adopting a non-kill shelter or rescue dog, I cannot recommend New Leash on Life or PAWS Chicago more. Buying a dog from a store may mean that you get the breed you want immediately, but there are 6-8 millions of dogs and cats put in to shelters every year and half of them will be euthanized. 30% of the dogs will go back to their original home, while only 2-3% is true of cats. And if you are not sure if you can commit or if you want to help out in a meaningful way, fostering a dog for a short term period really does help. If you are not in a position to take in an animal, you can also help out by volunteering your time or purchasing and donating toys, food, beds, leashes, etc to organizations that accept them. (All facts from the HSUS findings on pet overpopulation)

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