Ahhh… That Old Gym Smell


Oh hai, herrrooo… it’s time for an actual fitness recap.

Things that I’ve been doing:

YOGA. I’ve been a consistent yoga-doer since freshman year of college all thanks to this guy:

Chaz of the Yogamazing video podcast for Itunes

Doing yoga, by yourself, in all states of dress has been immensely helpful for my perfectionism. Basically, I have a MAJOR fear of not being as stretchy as the next person. So I avoid class situations like a plague… unless it’s a spin class where I know I can dominate.

Then, one sunny day, I ran past the field house across the street from my apartment building. Just out of curiosity, I read a list of the classes they offered (dont get excited, they only have two choices). For $5 a session, you get a full hour of yoga. Feeling brave and in need of a readjustment, I tried it out about three weeks ago. And low and behold, it was fabulous.

It’s nothing fancy. Most yoga studios are in bright, clean spaces. There’s typically some Enya like music playing and some candles are burning dangerously close to the mats and hardwood floors. My class is the poor man’s version. Instead of incense, it smells like my grade school’s smaller gym. And the lights, of course, are florescent heat lamps that flicker on and off and migraine inducing intervals. My teacher is a professional, but is not the zen like image we all come to imagine. She’s super chipper and completely joyful. And, dear God, I love it all.

So, there’s yoga. That’s been a constant. But I’ve also been great about getting my runs in over the past week. Last week’s mileage was 13, all running. I skipped my amazing spin class on Saturday morning because I woke up and I just felt like running. I haven’t felt like that in months. But I went with the flow, threw on my Asics and a pair of sunglasses, and headed out.

I’m currently training to run the Hot Chocolate 15K with everyone else and their mother. I’m not sure why I chose that race, now that I think about it, but I’m guessing it’s because my life has been void of chocolate for awhile now. Either way, I am getting myself ready for the 9.3 miles by doing a schedule similar to this:
Week 1: 7 miles
Week 2: 8 miles
Week 3: 9 miles
Week 4 (taper): 6 miles
Week 5: RACE

I was a bit nervous heading out for the 7 mile long run. Even though I felt like running, my shins have been painful for the last couple of runs. I told myself that I could stop, stretch, and relax if I needed to. And I did… three times. Not a big deal. I’m just training. No clocks or people to beat.

I was feeling great though. My pace was consistent with my LSD goal pace. But around mile 5, at my last stretch break, I noticed that the side of my foot was in pain. I took of my shoe and sock to see some blood and a bit of gravel making a wound in my heel. Of course, I didn’t pack any band aids on that run. So I grabbed some tissues from the bathroom, wrapped my foot up, and started walking. I was PISSED. I wanted those 7 miles more than anything.

And that’s when the Gu packet or the adrenaline picked up. I started walking a bit faster and noticed that it didn’t hurt as much when I was jogging than when I was walking. So I ran. I ran the 2 miles back home… all the while, my foot bleeding and cutting itself up even more. But I f-ing did it. I did 7 miles and I felt awesome. Besides the foot, I was only a little stiff, but I felt as though I could have easily gotten in another two miles.

Things I’m not doing:

Strength training. I really need to get back to this so I dont look like this in yoga class:

Ugh. I hate planks.

Also, food tracking. For the last three months, I’ve avoided my tracker like it was the homeless man hitting on me. I know what it’s going to say, “Those two donuts are not going to do you any good…” Or “My God, girl! Do you WANT to get fat again?” Maybe I do need to try weight watchers… oh wait. Never mind. I’m poor and I dont believe in buying a ton of pre-made food. I’ll figure it out.

Anyways, here’s a schedule, of sorts. Keep me honest, readers:
Monday- Yoga (check)
Tuesday- 5K run and ST
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 5K run and ST
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Spin class
Sunday- 8 mile run

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  1. great job on the running and yoga. I really need to add something to my running. I just can’t stick with anything else. Good luck with training and I hope your foot heals up quickly.

    • Thanks! Me sticking with a routine usually involves me signing up for a race or paying for a class. I’m too cheap not to go or to not train properly. This reminds me that I need to start paying for swim classes again so I can stay accountable there.

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