Lincoln Says


I was back in the home town this weekend, as some of you may have heard. Because it is a private family matter, I’m electing not to go in to details.

Instead, I have a HUGE bone to pick with a certain somewhat famous statue featured in my county:

I will admit to being a tad obsessed with all things Lincoln. I dont know when it started or, really, what compels me to study this man. He wasn’t a saint, that’s for sure. But he was a genuinely good guy and a HELL of a politician.As a kid, I loved this statue. I remember driving past it whenever we headed up north. Even now, my trips homeward still have me careening my neck to get a glimpse of it.

However, over the last few years, this Lincoln has become deeply political. The owner of it putting up signs bashing Obama or any democratic movement straight in the hands of someone who many children look up to. I’m not trying to get political here. I know this blog is read by family and friends who span from super libs to super conservartives. And I like it like that. HOWEVER, I cant help but think that placing a sign in an icons hands does anything but tarnish the good will and faith that many see in the image of Lincoln.

To be honest, I dont remember what the sign said last weekend. But, after I read a blog featuring a great Lincoln quote, I am proposing a rewrite of the current sign.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. – Abraham Lincoln

Not only does this apply to our political leanings (dems wanting to pass job bills now while conservs. want to cut spending now- both to get ahead of the European crisis and Chinese boom)… but right now, it’s pretty near and dear to me.

I’m not one to have patience. When I have a task to do that is important to me, I get it done right away. I dont hesitate, and I often wont wait around for others. I jump in, head first, and I correct mistakes when I’m done.

When it came to training for my half, I didn’t worry about being at my ideal racing weight (hell, that’s about 30lbs off). I didn’t care about my lack of leg strength or endurance (I knew both would come with cross and strength training). I just ran. I formulated and followed a plan- along the way learning new things about the sport or about my body’s ability. Now that I’ve crossed the finish line, I’m working on picking up speed and lengthening my endurance.

Same is true with my school work. I write my papers till I get everything I want said, said. I then go through and add my figures and show my citations. Even with being non-matriculated, I find myself getting my work done, worrying about my GRE and few application bits later on.

Being one who hustles through life does have its pitfalls. My performance review three months ago may have mentioned my awesome time management skills, but my ability to forget to double or triple check my work. In addition, last night, while walking to a bar to watch the Chicago Fire game, SOB and I were having a discussion about regrets. He said something along the lines of, “Well, you wanted to get married when you were college and now you look back and think you were crazy. How do you know that a couple years from now, you wont look back at how you feel about us and not think the same thing?”

I honestly dont know. Life is constantly happening, constantly changing. And I’m always hustling to make up for it. Having one foot in the door while another is crossing the finish line is a daunting task. I rush through many things (often relationships). And I find myself getting wrapped up in it all.

This isn’t my promise that I will slow down. I still believe that Lincoln phrase to be true and a good reminder of the benefits of not procrastinating. I am constantly reminding myself that we all go through life at different speeds and with different abilities. We shouldn’t push or judge. We’ll have regrets about all the things we could have done longer (I could have watched 9 more minutes of 19 Kids and Counting instead of waiting for my late train, for instance). And we will certainly look back at all those things that we rushed through just for the satisfaction of it being done.

So, here’s my second sign proposal:


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