Things That Do Not Suck


Oh! My blog! Another week has gone by and I’ve only put one entry in you. Like a dissatisfied husband, you are bugggggging me to get back on you. Well, I’m here. But I make no promises that this will be insightful or even witty. Hell, just from this paragraph, you can tell this is certainly not going to be funny.

I started grad school last night. That’s right. I’m back in the classroom… part time… I’m taking one-two class per quarter through the School of Education. I should graduate in 2.5 years with a Master’s in Higher Education Administration and Policy.

My orientation was a BLAST. I won a water bottle, believe it or not, for being sociable. Yes, I know, me + sociable = yeahhhh right. But, I am really good at making people fill out a personality bingo card for me. It was one of those where you had to find someone in the room that had 4 siblings, no middle name, was on tv, or is in a band.

The people that I did meet at this orientation were all very bright and eager. They looked like catalog representations of what grad students should be- perky, put together, professional. They all spoke like speech pathologists when they introduced themselves and later discussed their ideas for their Master’s project (a 120+ page paper on an issue or question in higher education).

I felt so out of place with my wrinkled clothing, messy hair, and makeup-less face. In fact, I felt pretty out of the grad school student realm, even though I spend every day working with them. Even my Master’s project ideas seemed a bit juvenile compared to their War and Peace esque thoughts.

(Btw. My idea was something along the lines of: “Measuring up non-traditional and rural high school students in the undergraduate admissions process.” I.E. How do you assess a student from a home school background or those who were not offered AP credits or pre-college courses compared to those from traditional or college prep schools).

Even though I felt a bit out of place, being in that room certainly did not suck. I was inspired and motivated. And I AM PUMPED to make a difference for college students.

Ok, so that didn’t suck. Also not sucking was my vegan apple pie and lasgna recipes. I am getting so much better in the kitchen.

That apple pie also pushed me to run my longest run since my half marathon a month ago. On Sunday, I finally got in a pretty decent 7.5 mile run along the lake path. It was raining. It was somewhat cold. But I got it done. And I even took 10 minutes to look over the water and think, “Some people go to church Sunday morning. I go to the water and think about how much better my life is.”

And finally, certainly not on my suck list is Ms. Julianna K’s sidewalk artwork. Let’s do a little compare and contrast: All’s I’m saying is girl got talent with the sidewalk art.



All’s I’m saying is girl got talent with the sidewalk art. She certainly does not suck at all.


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  1. Your Master’s project sounds interesting to me. I came from a rural school that did not offer AP courses and felt a significant disadvantage towards other schools. BTW, I have a MS in Education too.

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