Weekend Warrior


After that last post and some misc. drahhhhhma… I’m officially blogged out.

But, if you want to read a poorly edited blog by me for Fleet Feet, check this out:


I did, however, have an AWESOME time at Dance Dance Party Party. I was again transformed in to DJ Chelles_Bells. DJ CB came to get down, came to get down, and there was a ton of jumping around. Check out the tunes:

I really have no shame when it comes to making these playlists. I think that’s why people enjoy them so much.

Anyways, this weekend also starts Biggest Loser Challenge 17 on Sparkpeople. I’ve got 5lbs to go in 3 months. I’ve already weighed in for this week (which you can check out on my weigh-in page). I’ll be updating that every Wednesday and hopefully getting the balls to add some actual measurements since pounds may never, ever go… but your waistline will.

So, to make sure I am getting the most out of BLC17, I am gearing up for a weekend of challenges. In addition to tracking all my food, getting in my veggies, and meal planning for the next week… I’m going to get my fitness on:

Friday night:
5K run
50 crunches
50 side crunches
5, 60 second planks

Spin class
New Rules workout

10K run
50 squats
50 lunges
pilate/yoga leg work

This weekend seems pretty laid back, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to get in all that stuff. If anything, I’ll watch the Bears game and eat some pancakes while doing lunges.

Wish me luck, my weekend warriors!


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