Kilts and Dollas


I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but I’m currently giving myself $1 per mile run (doubles on races).

It’s a sweet little motivator considering I am horrible about not putting money away voluntarily. Sure, I have direct deposit where I put a portion in to my 403B (whatever the hell that is, but it sounds fan-cy) and another little portion in to my savings account. But those portions are small and insignificant and I rarely just move money over when it’s left over from bills and fun stuff.

So, every morning I run, I spend about two minutes transferring over small amounts of money back and forth from my checking account to savings. Obviously, the amounts are small- $3.10 on Tuesdays, $6.20 on Thursdays, between $10-$14 on Sundays. But in total, it’s a good $20ish a week or around $80-100 a month.

I already know what I’m going to spend it on (because you really dont think that I’m saving for nothing)… VACATION!

I haven’t had a real vacation in years. Seriously, multitudes of years. I love traveling and since I’m not saving up for babies, weddings, homes, cars, etc…. I can afford (har har) to take some me time and move around a bit. 
My sister and I are currently talking Scotland. I should mention that my sister had to be dragged screaming on family vacations, so her wanting to go to Scotland is a complete surprise. I did have to explain, with utter frustration, that you couldn’t just do a weekend in Scotland. The plane alone would take 7+ hours and we would lose time. The concept seemed lost. 
We still dont get it, Daniel.
However, I’m more than happy to visit Scotland. It’s not the first place on my travel list. But, if it gets me out of the house and using my passport, I’m down with that. 
Plus, who doesn’t want to see the land of Sean Connery? 
So, from now on, during my runs I will be thinking about martinis and Sean Connery. Maybe I’ll try to pace myself to Annie Lennox or use some Braveheart quotes as my running motto when I’m in a rut. Sounds good to me.

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