Simplify: 50 Things


I’ve been moving from here and there for awhile now. In fact, I’ve been in 4 different apartments in three years. It’s meant that I’ve practically lived out of half empty boxes and stored my things carelessly.

Today, I signed my fifth lease. That’s right… I’m on the move again- to a literal, deluxe apartment in the sky. Right next to the lake, includes access to a roof top deck and fitness room, and will be shared with my wonderful boyfriend, B. The only downside is that it is quite small.
I need to come to terms with the word: simplify.
When I came across a blog challenge to rid myself of 50 things, I jumped on it. Since I have another month and a quarter to pack and move, I have plenty of time to sort it out, but this is the place that I want to document those 50 things. If you see something you like, holla atcha girl and I will arrange for you to pick it up or have it sent to you. If not, it’s being donated (when possible) and tossed (when necessary) before May 1st.
Now, for the list:
50. Books- My Twilight book series, 4 monologue books for women and duets (seriously, these are great books, but I dont want to get back in to acting), Making It on Broadway, a campy erotica book, and John Updike’s “Marry Me.”
49. Music Books and Collections- Suzuki Violin School Piano Accompaniments Vl 1, Guitar for the Small Fry, Richard Pick’s Interludes for Guitar, The Best Wedding Songs Ever (70 popular vocal and piano songs), Amy Grant’s Greatest Hits (I have no idea why I have this), Bastein’s Piano for Adults Book 1, Bastien’s Scales Chords, & Apreggios, Schaum’s Fingerpower Level 2. If you are a music teacher, I would be willing to donate my West Side Story or Les Miserables song collection books.
48. A broken beyond repair computer. Would give to someone interested in computer parts.
47. Authentic Spanish maraca and potentially a working, but 40+ year old clarinet for a music classroom ONLY
46. Two computer carry-on bags. One is a red sleeve and the other is a black and multi-colored star carrying case.
45. Wallets- a red hard case, a yellowish gold soft case, and a purple (thin) hardcase. All are from target and everything works. Will throw in old J-pass, some business cards, and two empty cta passes!
44. Bags- a black athletic bag, a large red duffle bag, and a broken black luggage bag with wheels
43. Blankets- A silky deep purple twin sized blanket that’s great for the summer and Fall
42. (I’ll continue updating this and re-posting links as I go through)

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  1. I came across your blog on the Sparkpeople run/walk forum. I've always lived by trying to get rid of junk as often as I can. Good luck in your 50 things challenge, and good luck on your 5K this weekend.

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