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Generic Thanksgiving Post


Tis the season to give thanks for the wonderful people in my life and the amazingly supportive family I have. Since that post would be seriously lame and an eyesore for all those who stumble on this… I am going to go the snarky route:

10. A job where I can facebook, tweet, sparkpeople, blog:
Nothing says hard at work than someone hardly working! The most taxing thing I do at work is register students for classes, which happens four times a year and lasts about a month. The other 8 months… well, it’s a hodgepodge.

9. Another year of getting to act my age!:
Dear friends who are married or have children,
My life is so much better than yours 90% of the time. No shared income or closet space. No compromising on which brand of bread to buy or figuring out how much mac and cheese will feed the kids. I get to spend my non-bill money on dinners out to childrenless bars to hear bad 80s cover bands on a Tuesday night, and I never, ever have to worry about a babysitter for my children (or husband). WIN! I’m going to appreciate this until I hit prime baby making time. Then I will panic.

8. Netflix instant stream: I should just replace my cable with netflix for how often and much I milk off of the instant stream feature. It’s bad when your recommended movies include the category “Animated movies featuring talking animals.” Added bonus for the year: getting the Wii hookup.

If this isn’t in your instant que, you are sadly missing out.

7. Elliptical obsessed women: While you spend your hour on the elliptical, I am going to take advantage of the other, more awesome cardio machines. You may look hotter bouncing up and down with little sweat, but at least I am getting more for my money.

6. Free shuttle bus to work: Every morning, I get to fight an Asian woman for the first-person-on-the-bus bragging rights. It has recently become a strategic competition. I am currently employing a big red bag to the chest to keep her from cutting in line. And when I feel vengeful, I’ll sit in the seat right next to her, even when there are plenty open. Not paying for public transportation never felt so evil!

5. The “hide posts” feature on Facebook: Wackjob conservative? Post daily Christian messages? Constantly asking for me to help you on your farm? Just plain annoying?… you’ve been hidden. No more do I have to weed through your facebook status updates about how awesome Hannah Montana is or how sick your children are! No more emo lyrics or crappy band invites!

(It’s not that I dont love you… It’s just that I often dont care. If I really didn’t want to hear from you, I’d de-friend you, and believe me, I’ve already de-friended about 200 “friends” in the past year.)

4. Online shopping: I’m done with Christmas shopping (3 days before Black Friday, to boot!). Last year, after a shopping mishap, I was forced to shop on Christmas Eve after a long shift as a seasonal employee of Target. It was at that moment where I was verbally fighting for a snowman mug full of 80 cent hot chocolate mix that I swore I would never, ever shop for non-essentials in store again.

3. Major news outlets: Where else would I get to read the article “Was Jesus a Communist?” but CNN? Or watch Glenn Beck encourage everyone to discuss inflation at their Thanksgiving dinner parties? Oh the joys of idiots with microphones and popular websites.

2. That I get to vote in Chicago: Who wouldn’t want to be a voter in this clusterf*ck of a mayoral election? Rahm, Chico, Braun? It’s the alphabet soup in the melting pot of rejected and “reformed” politicians. With the budget and skeletons some of these “players” have, the commercials are going to be hysterical.

1. Rotini noodles: I really dont need to explain this because, as well all know, rotini noodles can do anything (including make a pretty awesome portrait of JFK). It’s just the miracle of all pasta, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Grain of Salt


Since I’ve rejoined Sparkpeople (for the 100th time since 2006), I’ve had to analyze my relationship with non-living things: food and exercise. To lose weight in a healthy manner, as I have done in the past, I constantly have to analyze and process the two things that are essential in me getting healthy.

I’ve talked about exercise already. I actually really love to be active, contrary to popular belief. I get restless easily so it’s a tool to get myself off of the rut of couch planting-B rated netflix movie watching.

It also provides me with a social network. My spin teacher, a crazy mad deamon in bike shorts, does what she calls “talk tests” where she brings up a random (often X-rated) topic and has us each talk for 10 seconds to a minute about it. It’s often during peak sets or tempo sprints, but there is no better laugh than talking blow jobs while forcing yourself not to pass out on a stationary bike. Since I’ve moved to Chicago, my friend zone has been at, well, about a zero- besides my boyfriend’s friend and family and occasional phone calls and emails. At least when I am spinning in a room full of girls, doing dirty “talk tests,” I can get out that need to giggle, joke, gossip, and emasculate men that I would normally have if I was living in the burbs and able to see my MIA girlfriends.

And, more often than not, exercise does quite the opposite- it elevates the social process of life. Do you want to just totally lose every grip on any stress in your life? Well, I know it’s corny and so late 90s, but try yoga. I recommend this looking up yogamazing, a free Itunes podcast featuring a very calming teacher. Want to literally sing away away anger while burning calories? Watch this and try not to laugh:

There’s always that scientific thing about endorphins…

As for food… well, that’s less clear cut. If we are going to be honest here and do some self reflection, I will just straight out say that I am a terrible eater. As a child, my diet was fat, carbs, and more fat. I avoided veggies like the plague (and quite honestly still do… just never could physically eat green beans or broccoli). It contributed to an overweight, unhappy child that would grow to an overweight, unhappy adult.

Just like about 99.9% of you, I turn to food for comfort in times of stress and a quick pick-me-up when I need a burst of energy. Food is social. It’s where the majority of first dates take place, served at weddings, left out at funerals. Food follows us through life and defines who we are, whether I like to admit that or not.

I struggle, currently, with a heavy salt/sodium addiction. It is added or showcased in most of my food, and, in return, it retains all of the 8 cups of water I struggle to drink per day. It is the reason why my feet and fingers are constantly cold or why I am exhausted at odd hours of the day.

But even knowing this, I am still a salt fiend. I still crave it. I still keep a dispenser filled with seasoned salt on my eating table (for real). This is my life. It’s what I hold on to, and that’s depressing. Even with all the anger and resentment that comes from having past food addictions and seeing what negative hold it had on me for so long, I still let something as minuscule as a grain of salt hold on to me.

Normally, I’d write my solution or some goal. But I’m being realistic when I say that this salt craving will never, ever go away. I’m always going to want to whip up some popcorn or dash some seasalt on my potato skins. It’s just going to have to be something I work around and with- just like any human relationship. I’ll have to compromise and dedicate myself, just as anyone who wants to make a major change in their life would do.

Salt, you win. You can stay.